Entertainment Lineup

Port KC Main Stage

The Homegrown Buzz Stage presented by MGE/Laclede

Lineup Subject to Change

Entertainer Bios

Fab Four Five

We don’t wear wigs or costumes. We don’t try to act like the Beatles or always speak in Liverpudlian accents. We don’t have a gazillion dollars of vintage gear. We play Beatles music — live. Just the music, the harmonies and the great songs of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison played with the same passion and enthusiasm as the original recordings.

The Phantastics

The Phantastics are an eight member musical ensemble that specializes in genre-blending hip-hop. Expect to hear rock, rap, dance, funk, jazz and soul in their music. They were formed in December of 2010 and have been trying to save live music ever since. The Kansas City Star says: "The Phantastics may be Kansas City's best party band."

U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America: Shades of Blue Ensemble

The Shades of Blue Jazz Ensemble is a group of 18 professional enlisted musicians whose repertoire ranges from traditional big band jazz, to bebop and swing, to modern jazz. At one of their concerts, you are just as likely to hear the music of contemporary composers as you would the classic sounds of Count Basie or Glenn Miller. Whether performing for a head of state, before a capacity crowd or for our troops at home and abroad, the Shades of Blue reflects the heritage and pride of our great nation and the United States Air Force.

Members Only

Members Only, the premier 80's tribute act. Their mission: To play a full-length, high-energy, rock show of the most recognizable hits of the 1980's. Their goal: Synthesize every show into an epic party. Their high-energy, trademark performance merges an incredible light show with music that spans the decade: Journey, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Prince, Bon Jovi, G&R, and many more artists. Stylistically, the band plays a balance of rock and pop that emphasizes a packed dance floor. Put on your party gear, and let these masters of the 80's remind you that the 80's will always live on.

Golden Groves

We are a rock band from Kansas City! We absolutely love that we get to play music w/ each other and for others! Our rock is a roots, folk, indie, & blues mix. Let's jam!

Pink Royal

From the Midwest seed-bed of indie rock in Lawrence, KS, comes Pink Royal, 5-piece alt-electro-rock-pop with a pulsing energy that is hard to ignore.

Pink Royal make sounds that blend ambient rock, electronica, indie synth-pop and all kinds of musical sexiness. Imagine Muse, MGMT, and Radiohead had a steamy musical orgy with Stevie Wonder, and Pink Royal was born 9 months later. Sharp guitars, mean synths and punchy beats characterize this young band’s unique sound. Pink Royal will make you believe.

The Yotes

The Yotes come from Kansas City, MO and feed their “id" more than they feed themselves. They know how to pop, rock, and sputter music into stanzas with their blend of idiosyncratic vocals backed by a drum kit and guitars. The band is currently self-producing their first EP, “Mistress”, which is to be released in the winter of 2016.

Yes You Are

Fronted by Kianna Alarid (also of Tilly and the Wall), Yes You Are is one of KC’s most electrifying new bands. The five piece weave back and forth between synth-covered glam and riff-heavy classic rock with a thread shimmering pop melodies throughout.